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"In our business, it's very important that we keep visitors informed about our products and related technical specifications. A lot of credit for disseminating this to our customers is the direct result of live chat, for without it we would not be at our present level of success.."

We see sales increased 2-2.5x. Just because of ability to chat with the customers and nearly all of them has some questions, and we noticed that no matter what business are you in - people always has something they want to know, also when answering their questions immediately they stay with you instead of researching for rivals products - these days faster and smarter survives only, and just for tiny piece of investment we win huge. Don't even thinking to cancel this service, never ever!

As our website is in extremely high competitive niche - so Live Chat is a must have for us. This is a best way to stand out from the others - people feel this immediately! Trust and credibility - that`s what makes sales! And this chat system works great for us!

As we tried to build a beautiful website - stylish chat bars do really matter to us and it simply must suite our website design, and you guys have lots of beautiful chat bars like no one else! That's what we love you for! Thanks a lot!

Our customers are rich people and they don't want to wait, and with all the respect live chat bar is a must have. We never seen LiveChatLab servers down, we even couldn't afford it. Well, we are happy with this, also subtitle live chat bar we chose is highly liked by our customers - e even get compliments on this.. We really appreciate your effort to make special chat bar who is used only by us! Great job! We definitely feel grateful and cared!

LiveChatlab service highly reduces amount of email we receive saving us tons of time. Also our customers now receive immediate answers which results in more sales. We have experienced 15-20% more sales since started using LiveChatLab. It just works. We are really happy about this.

We provide highly competitive service and live chat script makes us stand out of a crowd beating our closest rivals. We can bravely say that proper customer service gains us more returning customers and gives adds trust and credibility to our business. What else we may want? And it`s just for pennies in comparison to positive results we see.